Protecting the climate and reducing energy costs at the same time!

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Game Changer Digital Decarbonization

Man-made climate change is a reality. It is threatening the very foundations of life on our planet. It’s time to act now.

In daily practice, long established procedures, even if digitally supported, often fall short. With our specialized book titled Digital Decarbonization, published by Springer Verlag, we are exploring a new path.

Digital Decarbonization – Achieving climate targets with a technology-neutral approach

We introduce a holistic approach that can be used to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of energy systems in a way that is technology-neutral. It is a field-tested toolbox that also ensures the economic sustainability of the energy transformation. Our technical book addresses planners and decision-makers in business, administration and politics who want to take the next step in climate protection.

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Oliver D. Doleski

Thomas Kaiser

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